Friday, September 9, 2011

Musings on an Autumn Day

We are experiencing some beautifully warm days in Minnesota right now.  Kids are back in school and so neighborhoods are quiet, streets are busier (at least during rush hour), high school athletes are knocking at our door selling booster club coupon books, and, periodically, I smell woodsmoke as the air crisps up.

I'm volunteering at the library today.  It is quiet here.  You can tell school is back in session.  Only adults at the computers ... it's too early in the day for school to be out, so the kids won't start strolling in for another hour or so. Right now the computer screens are filled with job applications, e-bay listings, email archives, and Food Network recipes. When the kids arrive, the screens will light up with You Tube, Angry Birds, Facebook and Disney.  In a few weeks, I expect to see the kids coming in working on school research papers, science projects and SAT pre-exams. The signs of the season as exhibited on computer history logs.

Yesterday, I made homemade spaghetti sauce!  Haven't done that in years.  I get the urge to "hunker down" when fall comes.  Apparently, spaghetti sauce is the first step in my hunkering this year.  My husband thought he had died and gone to heaven.  He loves Italian food ... me, not so much ... thus, the reason why it's been years since I last made sauce.  I had even gone out and bought Italian meatballs to add to it (this hunkering only goes so far!) and a nice loaf of French bread (I try to be globally diverse).  I was just getting a pot of water ready to cook the spaghetti when, out of the blue, my husband asked me to iron a pair of shorts for him.  Thinking that was an odd request at 4:00 in the afternoon, and seeing no need for him to change clothes, even thought it was HOMEMADE spaghetti, I suddenly remembered that we were going out for dinner with friends that night!  I had totally forgotten!  And to think that just one week before that, I had passed the memory portion of my "Welcome to Medicare" physical with flying colors. So, guess what we're having for dinner tonight?  

Tonight is the first home football game for our granddaughter's high school.  She is a varsity football cheerleader and so I will go and cheer on the players and the cheerers! I'm happy it's 80 out today.  I won't need to bring hand warmers and a stocking cap to the game.  Having been a "brr-baby" all of my life, 80 degrees is my idea of perfect football weather!

Next weekend we are planning a trip "up north" with friends for golfing, gambling and good fellowship (this may include a glass of wine or a beer or two).  The golf course is part of a resort that includes a casino (another of my loves!), so I'm planning to bring a lot of golfballs (tough course) and a lot of pennies (tough casino!).  I'm hoping for success on the course and on the slots!

Tomorrow would have been my father-in-law's 93rd birthday.  He died 6 months ago today.  It is so hard to believe he's been gone that long.  He was "Pap-Pap" to our kids for his whole life and "Dad" to me ... he is dearly missed.  

Autumn seems to be a time of reflection and preparation. Reflection on the fun of the summer. Preparation for the excitement of the holiday season ahead and the cold winter months of hibernation.  Hope your autumn days are filled with gentle contentment.

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