Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pinehurst NC - Above Par

Beautiful day of golf at Pinehurst Golf Course No. 1.  I'm sure Payne Stewart didn't play it very well his first time either!  While I shot a 115, and would have liked a 105, I'll take it for my first time.  It was 70 degrees when we teed off - 80 when we finished with fairly low humidity and a nice breeze.  The Crepe Myrtles are in bloom and they are beautiful.  Remind me of lilac trees back home.  And where in the heck did that name come from?

Unfortunately, Ed was unable to golf since a flareup of cellulitis in his hands last Friday prevented him from gripping a club without blood pouring from the cuts on his hands. So that just means we have to come back. It didn't stop him from buying a really snazzy looking Payne Stuart golf hat and wearing it around the course.  

A "drink" in the clubhouse (actually called the 91st hole here at Pinehurst) was the perfect end to the day.  Our friends drank iced tea and I drank a glass of wine, but Ed decided two double vodka tonics would make up for his not being able to golf today (we did feel sorry for him!).  Imagine the shock when the $46 bill came ... $28.30 for his two double vodka tonics.  Never again will I take crap from him about the cost of a glass of Merlot!  He has moved into the realm of "expensive date."

We are going to an early dinner tonight at Bonefish, a local restaurant that is a favorite of our hosts. I'm hoping it isn't descriptive of any of the fish that we might order there.  

We head out mid morning tomorrow for Knoxville, TN, for the next leg of our trip.  Our destination is Memphis where we plan to visit BB King's House of Blues on Beale Street and then tour Graceland.  Traveling for this length of time is a challenge.  Fortunately, there have been laundry facilities first in Pgh at Ed's sister's house and now at our friends' house here in Pinehurst, NC, so we're both still wearing clean underwear.  

Toodle-oo from Pinehurst.  We'll report in tomorrow night from Knoxville, Tennessee, once known as the Underwear Capital of the World (hopefully all clean - are you noticing a theme here?)

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