Monday, June 20, 2011

Back in the Saddle

No new pictures to share ... no "rain" stories ... no fun in the sun or toads on the roads .... borrrring .... so just a note to say we're home and returning to normal.

Ed cut the grass as soon as we arrived home yesterday ... I did laundry.  

Today I visited my Mom in her Assisted Living apartment.  During the two weeks we were gone, different members of the family were spending considerable amounts of time with her to help her through some confusion she was experiencing.  She seems to have turned the corner and is now complaining about being treated like a 3 year old, so we are leaving her "on her own" to see how she does.  It's difficult to have an elderly parent who so desperately wants to be independent, but isn't strong enough physically to care for herself any longer.  We try to stay in the background as much as possible when we are there, and she will let you know if you get in her face too much.  

She was happy to see me since I had been gone for two weeks.  We caught up on the news.  I shared our trip highlights with her and then she went to have her nails done, excusing herself by saying "I did ask this woman if she could do my nails, so I really should go." I was happy to see her engaging in daily activities again, so I took that as the signal for me to depart.  

Right now I'm on my deck admiring the lush green trees and grass that are our back yard. It is a beautiful view, marred only by an occasional squirrel trying to get into the bird feeder.  I'll have to get Michele out here with her pellet gun. She relishes the target practice. Ed has put in a few vegetable plants, including a hybrid tomato plant that really took off while we were gone.  I'll have to keep watch to see if a young boy tries to climb it since it looks as if it could reach the sky at the rate it's growing. So far, no young boy and no tomatoes, but a good number of yellow flowers.

Tonight I'll go to Cam's baseball game.  His team hasn't had a very good season so they are winding down and I haven't made it to a game yet.  With 4 grandkids playing traveling ball and my own social schedule so demanding (can you say "Diva"?), it's tough to get to even one game for each of them.  I want to see him play before they are finished for the season.  He's quite a good player (when he isn't decorating Christmas cookies), so I'm hoping he has a good game, although I know the kids feel the extra pressure when there are "guests" in the house!

Did you ever wonder if vegetarians eat animal crackers?

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Michele said...

Vegetarians do eat animal crackers!