Friday, March 2, 2012

Just One of Those Days

Friday is my "Library Day."  I've been on vacation for 2 weeks so haven't been here in a while.  I'm eager to arrive and "help" the folks who value and need my somewhat limited computer skills

I've got time to stop at the Mac & D's drive-through window to grab lunch so that I don't die of hunger during my shift.  Even though, there isn't much chance of my wasting away to nothing if I miss a meal, I continue to believe it may happen - allows me to eat those great skinny fries and other Mac & D grease-laden delicacies without a lot of guilt.

When I reach the "speaker," planning to order a chicken wrap and a coke, silently applauding myself for resisting the urge to order those fabulous skinny fries, I'm greeted by a hurried (and harried) "Voice" advising that Mac & D's credit card machine is not working and they are accepting cash only.  Not a problem for me, although I do notice several cars behind me pulling out of line after getting up to the speaker.  We do live in a plastic world.

After placing my order, I pull forward to "pay at the first window," as directed,  and am greeted by two women who look as if they'd rather be anywhere than where they are.  One asks me what I ordered.  When I tell her, she asks me if I happened to notice on the screen what my total cost was.  Realizing that more than their credit card machine is down, I am tempted to say, "Hmm ... twenty cents," but that darn Catholic guilt kicks in (I just KNOW God is watching and recording any of these temptations to which I might fall).  I tell her I didn't really pay a lot of attention, but I "think" it was about $3.88 - in actuality, I'm pretty darn sure that's what it was .. the "think" is my way of messing with God a little bit to see if He (She?) is keeping track of "almost sins." The two women confer and agree that sounds about right. What WOULD they have done if I had said "Twenty Cents?"   I'm given change for my $5.00 bill and sent on to the pick-up window.

You guessed it ... Mac & D's WHOLE computer system is down.  So at window #2, they have no idea what I ordered.  The young man apologetically asks me what I ordered, and then directs me to a waiting area where my food will be delivered. I'm starting to wonder if I should leave a tip for all of their trouble.

A few minutes later, I arrive at the library and notice a sign posted on the door:   "Restrooms out of order."  This normally isn't a problem, but, of course, now that I know there isn't one, and I have just finished my Coke, I have to go!  More importantly, the restrooms at the library are a big attraction to folks .. and this is spring break, so there will be a lot of moms and kids today.  I visualize a lot of little kids running around crying "I have to pee .. poo-poo ... tinkle, etc."  Should be interesting.

I ask the librarian what the alternate restroom arrangements might be ... the gas station across the street possibly?  You guessed it -  the gas station doesn't have water either.  Seems there's a leak in the street water main, and the city is hoping to have it fixed by 2 p.m.  Note of interest:  It is 2:38 p.m. as I am writing this and we still have no water; ergo, no restrooms!

I settle into my assigned area in the library and peruse the clients using the computers.  Everyone seems to be doing fine.  I ready myself for an easy day, despite the few quirky events this afternoon has served up so far.  

Soon, an elderly patron working on a computer beckons me over saying "I need some help."

I hurry over to him, ready to serve, trying to anticipate his needs.  Is he going to need help with Microsoft Word?  Searching the Library catalogue?  Printing to our master printer/copier device?  I'm filled with answers.
"What can you tell me about the restrooms? I need to pee."

And I thought it was going to be the little kids we'd be dealing with!
It's going to be one of those days!!

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